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LeMieux Arika 100g liner - 84”

LeMieux Arika 100g liner - 84”

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The LeMieux Arika Rug Liners are compatible with all the LeMieux Turnouts. Adding a liner will help to customize the weight of the rug and adjust to changes in climate. No one horse is the same and by offering variable weights of liners for use, there is less requirement for the purchase of multiple rugs.

Velrco tabs at the neck attach to the d rings on the rug and clips attach to the back rings on the LeMieux Turnouts. The liner is made using an anti-bacterial and anti-static smooth lining which helps maintain the hygiene of a well-groomed coat.

  • 210T- Polyester fabric
  • 100g fill
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-static
  • Velcro attachment at the neck for LeMieux attachment
  • Velcro front closure
  • Rear trigger clip attachment to LeMieux turnout
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