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Easycare comfort pads

Easycare comfort pads

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These pads increase heel comfort so that all horses sound or unsound are encouraged to move correctly. We have found that EasyCare Comfort Pads are especially beneficial for any horse that is ridden. The pads can also be used to help improve the fit of the boots while at the same time providing cushioning, additional protection, and frog support to the hoof. Comfort Pads are an excellent way to help the horse owner successfully transition a horse from shod to barefoot.

The NEW comfort pads are a one-size-fits-all, are universal and can be trimmed easily with scissors to fit into your Scoot Boots, Cavallo Boots or Easycare Boots! They are available in three densities (soft, medium and firm). 12mm thickness.

  • Soft (green) - Ultra-cushioning for the tender-footed horse in rehab; horses who are not moving around a lot.

  • Medium (black) - Most popular. Versatile shock absorption, cushioning and support.

  • Firm (red) - Most durable. Offering shock absorption and support, especially for horses that are frequently on concrete

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