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EquiFit Thin ImpacTeq Shimmable half pad

EquiFit Thin ImpacTeq Shimmable half pad

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Our Thin ImpacTeq Half Pads with Shims were designed with input from top riders & professional saddle fitters. The ImpacTeq construction provides a unique combination of comfort & protection for your horse’s back, & our shims allow for an individualized fit for each horse.

This shimmable half pad is an outstanding solution for correcting saddle fit, for riders who use one saddle on multiple horses, & for any horse whose back is changing – such as young horses & those returning to work after time off.

  • 0.5” Thickness
    A close-contact version of our original ImpacTeq Half Padwith the addition of shims
  • ImpacTeq Core
    Absorbs concussion using a carefully-selected, low profile open cell foam found in sports equipment & technical footwear
  • Felt Shims 
    Includes a full set of 6mm shoulder, center, & rear shims (6 in total) to help correct saddle fit issues (Pony set comes with shoulder & rear only)
  • Discreet Pocket Design 
    Thoughtfully placed to avoid unwanted bulk near the spine
  • Highly Breathable
    Multi-dimensional air mesh layer promotes airflow & circulation
  • Advanced Equine Back Protection
    Distributes & reduces harmful pressure points under the saddle; 0.75” thick
  • Contoured Shape
    Provides ample room for withers & spine
  • Molds to Horse & Saddle
    Recovers to the original shape after each use
  • Non-Slip Design
    Grippy strips on the underside help stabilize the pad for minimal movement
  • Durable EverLeather® Trim
    Resistant to water, scratches, punctures & tears 
  • Antimicrobial
    Includes materials that discourage bacterial growth
  • Easy Care
    Wipes clean with a damp cloth
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