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Forshner’s hoof packing

Forshner’s hoof packing

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Forshner's Hoof Packing by Farnam is the original hoof pack for horses that farriers appreciate because it's easy and works great! For over 25 years horse owners and horseshoers have used Forshner's Hoof Packing to restore health and moisture balance to horses' hooves. The thick black hoof packing is a blend of pine tar and oils in a petrolatum base that helps prevent hoof dryness, contracted heels, and hardened frogs. Forshner's emollient hoof pack is thick yet malleable and will form around frog and hoof grooves. When used by farriers it can be covered with a pad. Horse owners can cover with paper or even straw or shavings. The 4 lb bucket will last a very long time. Be sure to pick up a box of Latex gloves to use with the Forshner's or your fingernails will end up packed like the hooves! Fantastic hoof care product that provides steady moisture and support to hard working hooves.


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