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Galloping Goop de-tangling 5 n' 1 spray

Galloping Goop de-tangling 5 n' 1 spray

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Galloping Goop Detangling 5 N' 1 Spray is used to treat your horse's coat, from mane to tail. This spray is practical and allows the De-Tangling 5 N' 1 Spray to be applied evenly and economically to your horses' coats and farm animals. 

Galloping Goop De-Tangling 5 N' 1 Spray is a leave-in conditioner to spray on your horse's coat or other farm animal. It is very effective for working on thick, coarse coats and horsehair that are matted or knotted. Its gentle formula makes it ideal for all skin types.

Benefits for Your Pet's Skin and Coat:

  • Strengthens coat and skin health
  • Protects and nourishes in depth
  • Reduces breakage thanks to its moisturizing active ingredients
  • Adds shine and luster from root to tip
  • Allows a pleasant grooming and easy disentangling
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