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Lozana Equi-Biota

Lozana Equi-Biota

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EQUI-BIOTA is an aromatic powder meant to be top-dressed onto your horse’s meal. It’s a complex blend of prebiotics, yeast culture and essential oils to promote and support the digestive system health that is influenced by situations and conditions of stress that can lead to maldigestion, malabsorption and to colics.

EQUI-BIOTA contributes to digestive health through Microflora Regulation and is ideal for horses in training, in competition and for horses to help maintain the balance of a healthy Microflora. It contributes to the development of beneficial gut microbes with less pathogenic microbes.

EQUIBIOTA is also ideal for horses that are recovering from severe colic episodes, recurrent colic, have unsolved diarrhea or have watery discharge during manure production.

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