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Shires Deluxe fly mask with ears and nose

Shires Deluxe fly mask with ears and nose

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Ideal for sensitive horses, the Shires Deluxe Fly Mask with Ears & Nose is made of fine mesh in a design that lifts it from your horse’s face. A combination of reinforced darts, fleecy seam padding and an anti-rub binding ensures enhanced wearing comfort, and stretchy fabric at the poll provides a close fit. In addition to deterring flies, the mesh has a 70+% average UV blocking (minimum rating 60+%), thus reducing the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching.

Airstream ears prevent contact with insects, while the extended nose piece means your horse has full facial coverage. Designed in the United Kingdom, this fly mask secures with quick-fit straps and has the durability to be used in the field.

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