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Uptite poultice

Uptite poultice

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UPTITE© is a unique, two purpose preparation that is higly recommended for use on the legs and feet of your animals. This preparation contains active ingredients wich aid in producing a fast relief from swelling and soreness. UPTITE© is made with pure spring water "and it makes the difference" UPTITE© is a fast, non-irritating and non toxic relief UPTITE© IS A PRODUCT FOR ANIMALS HEALTH & CARE UPTITE© DOES NOT CONTAIN PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES RECOMMENDED USE As a leg tightener and temporary relief from heat, swelling of the legs, soreness, cuts, burns, abrasions. As a general purpose to prevent common infections. PREVENTIVE USE: For Legs - After training, apply the preparation sparingly on knees, fetlocks, hocks, and tendons, moistening the area previously. In severe cases apply liberally to the area, when it is wet; cover with moistened brown paper and cotton bandage. Remove easly with water after 12-24 hours and repeat as necessary. For Feet - Apply a thin layer as an aid in maintaining moisture in the frog, solar surface and hoof wall


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